KingBuds F.A.Q.

Question: Can I pair the left or right earbud Independently?

Answer: Yes, the single bud can pair itself to your device automatically when you take it out from the charging case

Question: Are these for both iPhone and android?

Answer: Yes, you can also use the touch control for both types of devices.

Question: Can you skip tracks or control volume with the earbuds itself?

Answer: Yes, you can skip tracks, control volume, play/pause, and answer/hang up a call with touch control.

Question: How long is the playtime for the earbuds?

Answer: When the earbuds are fully charged, it can continuously play about 5 hours.

Question: How far away will they connect from the device?

Answer: They can stay connected from 200 - 800 feet away from devices that are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.

Question: How does the charging case open and close?

Answer: The charging case door is secured with satisfying magnets

Question: What to do when the earbuds are stunk in mono mode?

  1. Remove/unpair them from your phone (by using "Forget This Device" at your Bluetooth setting)
  2. Turn them both off by a long press
  3. Turning them back on and while they are turning on, double-tap on one of them, then they should be automatically paired with each other